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Italian cooking courses for chefs: professional courses, intensive courses and basic courses



Basic Evening Cooking Classes for Food Lovers

A series of Cooking Lessons, once a week, divided into 1st, 2nd and 3rd levels and designed for those wanting to deepen, acquire and develop fundamental skills in a friendly environment. Each class will deal with a different topic, and will include, for the upper levels, the preparation of a complete menu. 

Kitchen basics will have no more secrets!

1st Level

LESSON 1 - Sauces: introduction to base sauces

LESSON 2 - Vegetables: selection, ways of cutting and choice of knife, cleaning, various methods of cooking.

LESSON 3 – Fresh and stuffed pasta: types and selection of flour. Dough basics, selection of ingredients, fillings (vegetarian, meat, fish)

LESSON 4 - Meat: choice of meats (beef and veal), how to recognize cuts, how to conserve them. Types and characteristics, various methods of cooking.

LESSON 5 - Fish: methods of cooking. Preparation techniques and basic preparation. 

2nd Level

Practical lessons in which a menu of 4 courses will be prepared. Participants will be divided into working groups in order to collaborate for the dinner’s success.

The menu is varied and uses the basic secrets learned in the 1st level: from pasta to fish, from meat to vegetables, and of course desserts. NEWS: during the course there will be one lesson focused also on Oil Tasting, one lesson dedicated to Wine Tasting and one to Bakery. It's possible to attend only to one lesson.

3rd Level

In this final step, lessons will cover more complex, formative and stimulating topics and techniques, with special attention to plate composition and presentation.

 Upcoming courses:

I level:  September 24, October 1 - 8 - 15 - 22, 2020 

II level: TBC

III level: September 23 - 30, October 7, 2020

Hours: 7.30pm - 22.30pm 

Cost I level: €245,00 + vat

Cost II level: €245,00 + vat

Cost III level: €175,00 + vat

News: thanks to an enrollment to one of our course you'll receive a voucher of € 30,00 to spend on the course you'll like to do.

If you'll enroll to all the 3 course, you'll have a discount of 10%  

The amount has to be paid on the first evening of the course. The cost includes a welcome aperitif and a dinner to enjoy the dishes made during the lesson, all accompanied by local wines. 


I level: 24 September, 1 - 8 - 15 - 22 October, 2020 | III level: 23 - 30 September, 7 October 2020

Information about the course

Duration 15 - 25 HOURS
Group size
Price € 0.00 a persona
Dates I level: 24 September, 1 - 8 - 15 - 22 October, 2020 | III level: 23 - 30 September, 7 October 2020