Italian cooking courses

Italian cooking courses for chefs: professional courses, intensive courses and basic courses


This course is meant for students who want to become professional chefs, specializing in Italian cuisine. The aim of the Cooking Course is to prepare students through practice in the kitchen; cooking lessons are hands-on so that they can learn or improve their knowledge and skills in every aspect, from cleaning and cutting to most laborious techniques. Thanks to the many different chefs that come and teach the secrets of their special dishes and their style, the cooking course offers a wide overview on Italian cooking, from traditional and regional recipes to modern and creative cuisine. During each lesson students prepare a complete menu that is served for lunch which includes 4 courses: appetizer, pasta or soup, meat or fish, and dessert. Some lessons are completely dedicated to professional pastry and baking. Every afternoon foreign students attend a 3 hour Italian language lesson taught by Italian teachers, in order for culinary students to be able to communicate in Italian in the kitchen and in everyday life. After graduating this cooking course, students can choose to join a 4 to10 month internship in a top Italian restaurant.

Please remember that for a stay longer than 3 months (or 90 days in Italy) and if you are not part of the European Community it is necessary to apply for a student visa through the Italian Embassy in your country, so it is important to prepare all the documents in time.  It is important also to all those students who do not speak or understand Italian to take the Italian language course in the afternoon in order not only to be able to understand what will be done in Italian during the cooking lessons but also when students will leave the school to do the period of internship in the restaurants.

The tasting of typical local products is now part of our professional course. To make these experiences more durable, however, requires knowledge and skills. During the course students will have the opportunity to follow our wine and food seminars dedicated to oil, wine and other typical products.

Visual examination - The olfactory experience - The taste


Visual analysis - olfactory - tasteful - concluding phase

• Read the label.
• Organoleptic analysis: eye, nose, and mouth tasting.
• Typical grapes, typical locality and typical wines.
• Local Vineyard  Vs. international vineyards.
• Choose wine: food / wine matching criteria.
• Service Technique: Present the bottle, bottle opening, service 
   temperature, succession of table wines

Basic knowledge for those who start in this area



Know the Vacuum Techniques - Cooking and Regeneration Systems to Keep Quality and Freshness of Products Unaltered


HACCP COURSE - 12 hour training course


By filling and signing this form the student agrees to pay the deposit of 20% of the total amount for the participation in the course.


If cancellation occurs not less than 60 days prior to the start of the course, Italian Cuisine shall refund 100% of the enrollment fee

50% of the enrollment fee will be refunded if cancellation occurs not less that 40 days to the start of the course

20% of the enrollment fee will be refunded if cancellation occurs 20 days before the  beginning of the course.  

In case, however, the cancellation is received after the deadline mentioned before, no refund will be made by  Italian Cuisine.


The fee is inclusive of course materials, certificate of participation, tutoring, and the necessary equipments. 

DATES 2019
53A: February 4th to March 29th 2019
53B: April 1st to May 24th 2019
54A: September 2nd to October 25th 2019
54B: October 28th to December 13th 2019

Information about the course

Lessons 40 cooking lessons of 4 hours each (160 hours + 3 to 10 months internship)
Duration 8 weeks
Group size Max. 15 students
Price € 2350.00 a persona
Accommodation Cooking course with full board and Accommodation (all meals from Monday to Friday) - €5350 in double room
Cooking course + full board and accommodation (double room) + internship - €5700 Cooking course + full board and accommodation + internship + Italian Language lessons €6450 (Italian Language lessons every day from Monday to Friday from 3.30pm to 6.30pm)
Dates DATES 2019
53A: February 4th to March 29th 2019
53B: April 1st to May 24th 2019
54A: September 2nd to October 25th 2019
54B: October 28th to December 13th 2019