food Education for globAl flavouRs, producTs and disHes

General objective

The project aims at developing a training model designed for the continuous vocational training of cooks and catering operators as well as VET teachers in culinary and catering field, in order to prepare them to work in social contents characterized by different culinary needs. They are asked to address varied requests and needs that not always can be satisfied with the traditional culinary art. The “Third Millennium cook” doesn’t deny the traditional cooking approach based on the preparation of traditional dishes and use of local products, but takes into consideration a series of food requirements unknown in the last 30 years. Those new needs can derive from religious precepts, ethical issues, and health choices and are more and more spread thanks to the growing mobility of people for personal, work or tourist reasons.

A cook is now asked to acquire a set of skills and knowledge to work in an environment that present new challenging culinary requirements. The growing dietary needs lead to the implementation of a new approach in dealing with cooking and food consumption. Religion is one of the most important cultural elements that influence the way people consume and prepare food: all religions identify a strong symbolic meaning in eating and drinking habits and impose certain food restrictions. At the same way, the growing attention to the ethical implications of food has brought both to an increased number of vegetarians and vegans - all over Europe- and to an increased number of people with a diet which respects territories, agricultural practices and workers.


The project activities are addressed to the professionals that work in the market at an intermediate level; the direct beneficiaries are not renowned chefs but cooks working in the everyday process of food service and teaching process of future cooks. The project wishes to elaborate a model that could be adapted and repeated in different contests. The new model must be conceived in order to build a new professional figure defined as "the third millennium cook" (or E.A.R.T.H. cook). The foreseen outputs (Manual for the European training model; e-learning interactive platform; Training materials), the activities of exchanges of best practices between project's partners, the transnational meetings, the local debates with final consumers, the mobility of students are all carried out in order to guarantee the most effective contribution in order to reach the objectives.


The participants that will be involved are the following: some categories of final consumers during the local debates, catering operators and VET teachers during the vocational training courses, enterprises during the internships, journalists and bloggers during the dissemination activities, stakeholders and other potential interested operators during multiplier events.


Leader KAUNAS FOOD INDUSTRY AND TRADE TRAINING CENTRE - Kaunas, Lituania Partner ITALIAN CUISINE International Academy of Italian Cuisine – Lucca, Italia Partner IDEC Training and consulting company – Atene, Grecia Partner CENTRO SUPERIOR DE HOSTELERIA – Valencia, Spagna


Duration: September 2017 – September 2019.