Ingredients for about 4 people :
Serve 6
For the dough: 300g. Of all porpose flower, 3 whole eggs
For the filling: 400g of veal shank with his bone, one carrot, one large onion, one stalk of celery, one clove garlic, some parsley, one bay leave, 2 cups of white wine, half cup of oil, half cup of grated parmesan cheese,  100g. of Bologna salami ( mortadella),a pince of nut meg, 2 whole eggs, salt and pepper to taste.


For the filling: cut all the meat  around the bone of the shank in small pieces, cut in the same way all the vegetable.
Place everything into a baking pan with the oil and put in the oven to well roast. Then deglass with wine. Add some vegetable stok ,or water, and let cook for about one hour at 180° Celsius.
For the dough: meantime make the dough mixing flower and eggs.
Let rest for 15 minutes covered with a towel .
When the meat is tender, separate from the rest of vegetables and the cooking sauce.
Ground it with bologna salami. Mix with eggs, parmesan and nut meg. Add some time for fragrance.
Filter the cooking juice from the baking pan and keep it warm.
Make ravioli or tortelli with the dough and the filling. 
Boil for 8 minutes into salted boiling water
Serve with the sauce , extra parmesan cheese and a little of extra virgin oil